I Thought I Could Be The One

Emily Rose
9 min readOct 4, 2020

My greatest strength became my greatest weakness.

Being different is a strong and massive part of who I am. I could never just do things normally, like everybody else, even if I wanted the same results. I just had to find my own way to get them. If it took me miles out of the way and several extra steps, so much the better. I always figured having to make the journey with people going the “normal” way would only hold me back. They’d probably waste my time being all like, “That’s not how you do it,” and, “Why can’t you just do it like a sane person?” and, “But it very specifically says to use white corn, not plutonium!”

You know, normie stuff like that.

That quality always set me apart, made me who I was. I spent my young life being, perhaps, overly proud of it. It was my identity, even though I would never admit to having one set in stone. The girl who was never anything for too long, because who knew what other opportunities might come along?. A poor title, for someone who also qualifies herself as loyal, dependable, and prompt.

I always assumed that mindset would keep me free. That it would help me recognize a fence or a cage when I saw it. That it would keep my thirst for knowledge and small adventures sharp. That it would lead me into countless incredible learning experiences that others would pass right by. “Too…