God Doesn’t NEED You

Sheesh, arrogant, much?

Emily Rose


We serve a God unbound by want or need, and thank God for that. (Photo credit: Etsy.com)

It had been too long since Scott and I had sat and enjoyed the only two episodes of the animated Hellboy series, so we popped in the BluRay the other night. And it got us to discussing the nature of God, Himself, because what else could casually watching a Hellboy cartoon lead to?

It’s a classic tale of a narcissistic sociopath making blood sacrifices to ye emo gods of death and darkness so they can get their mitts on that magical eyeliner or whatever. And we realized something for the first time.

Which got us to thinking about how nice it is to serve a God who only ever required animal sacrifices, and then sacrificed His own blood so we didn’t have to do all that anymore.

Which ultimately got us to thinking about how God is so self-sufficient, He doesn’t need anything. Not to survive, not to increase power, not to make work wonders — none of it.

God just kind of… Is. Regardless of who acknowledges it or not.

Through human imagination and sheer force of will, we have a strange ability to give great power to what we believe in. If we believe hard enough, impossible things can manifest and become real. The story of The Velveteen Rabbit illustrates this in a less creepy, but no less powerful way. It’s a fascinating concept we can see echoed throughout the history of mankind. A concept which multiple civilizations have innately understood, independently of each other.

The idea is mentioned in Hellboy: Blood and Iron, as the gang deals with a vampire who gets her power by worshipping Hecate, the Greek goddess of witches and magic. In this universe, the goddess is a real creature with real power who shares crumbs of it with those willing to commit her favorite atrocities in her name. Blood and violence fuel the force of her true strength. It’s a grisly but sensible trade, if you have the stomach for it.