An Open Letter To ALL Legging Manufacturers

Go back to making leggings that fit, please.

Emily Rose


Where’s the rest of my pants?

I’ve always been that freaky tall girl who everyone wants on their basketball team because she can just reach up and dunk the ball without jumping. Until the poor bastards find out that I play sports like this:

And now they’re stuck with me for the rest of PE.

I was 5-foot-6 for most of high school. I suddenly sprouted an extra 3 inches in college, and have stayed that way ever since. The inseam on my long-legged pants should honestly be at least 30 inches.

Women’s pants generally have an inseam only as long as 28 inches.

As you can tell, shopping for any kind of pants has always been a bother. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find ‘tall’ option in stores. Other times you just have to shop in the men’s section, where there is no S, M, L bologna in pants — they just have the measurements right there for your convenience.

But I’m a die-hard leggings girl, and those are hard to find in the men’s section. It’s a real shame, because if men’s fashion included leggings, you wouldn’t have to double and triple-check that they had pockets before buying them. It would be a given.

And they definitely would not be “trendy” to wear three inches too short.

Which brings me to my rant…

I’ve been trying to find a decent pair of replacement pocket-leggings for months, now. I’m at a point where I refuse to buy another pair without pockets, because why bother? But finding them in stores to try on before purchasing has been next to impossible. I’ve had to go online, by them for full price, wait for them to arrive, try them on, and inevitably return them.

Why am I going through so many leggings without success?

Because of this crap:

This whole 7/8 length leg is fricken everywhere right now, to the point where I’m hard pressed to find a decent pair of black leggings…