I’ve incorporated an ancient practice into a less ancient practice WITHOUT destroying my soul. Shocking…?

*Content warning: Satan, demon boobies, gods and goddesses from around the world, and a brief moment of Nazi imagery for the sole purpose of mocking the Nazis. What does any of this have to do with tarot cards? Read on to find out…

I’m sure you’re tired of me reminding you that all things spooky-time are my favorite. Since it’s basically Halloween now, I thought I’d bring up something that might raise the hairs on your arms a bit. Something that you probably instantly equate with the devil and witches and other things that will take you directly to hell.

A rant about how the homebuying process has got me vexed.

By the economy’s standards, it’s pretty lame. But it would be mine.

My brother and I have simply assumed from little that we would spend pretty much our whole life together. We always knew we would start off our independent adult lives as roommates, and eventually make our fortunes as a team. Our interests are usually aligned, and our wants and needs are few.

Our next big step is homeownership — a leap that will finally allow us to pursue our passions, because our apartment is not equipped for any of them. Brother wants to start experimenting with woodworking and welding, with a possible goal of becoming a professional artist. I’d like…

After analyzing three simple words, The Good Samaritan hits a little differently.

I think it’s interesting that, of all the parables Jesus used to teach people, only one has any true mainstream appeal. We don’t have secular idioms about sowing seed on gravel instead of good soil or complain that our children are prodigal when they discover rock and roll. And what even is a mustard seed? I thought that mustard was a paste?

But everyone, everyone, everyone is on board with the concept of the Good Samaritan. You don’t need to have ever touched a Bible or looked twice to know what that means. At most vague, that’s a basically good…

I never liked worshiping in a box, anyway.

If I die young, just set me on fire and be done with it.

I love my church, and the people who go to it; but I need to lore-dump on you right quick. Our music department was run for 10 years by a theater person with massive ideas. Ideas that would take our tiny little church choir to perform in Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House. A theater soprano, myself, it was a good outlet for teenaged me. It became quite easy to think of the church building as the theater, and the parishioners the players.

Because our choir was at constant work making sets, props, costumes, and scripts. If the parishioners…

A beloved Biblical passage in an uncomfortable modern setting.

You just heard the news — Jesus is in town! For one day only!

And you are such a good Christian, you just know He will be coming to visit you personally. After all, you diligently attend church twice a week. You serve your congregation as an usher on occasion. You’ve been faithfully tithing a proper 10% for as long as you can remember. You drag your kids to Sunday school, even when they’re a pain about it. You pray to end abortion without actually doing anything about it. …

“A dog’s a dog — A CAT’S A CAT.” And if you treat them better than you treat people, you’re an ass-hat.

“You’ve read of several kinds of Cat,
And my opinion now is that
You should need no interpreter
to understand their character.”

I saw an interesting TedEd video recently about the history of domesticated cats. While the feline species is widely varied in shapes, sizes, pelt patterns, and habitats, the basic felidae we’ve set to guard our granaries and taken along on our ships and given silly, adorable names for thousands of years can all be traced to the same common ancestor. And, ultimately, they are pretty much the same as they have been since man first saw them.

Why would they, when Delia-Sue, here, represents peak performance?


At least, that’s what he seems to tell the Corinthians.

Paul’s epistles are fascinating. Scratch that — Paul was fascinating. From the moment he first appears in the book of Acts, you get to follow him on a crazy roller-coaster of a life in Christ. Tricky for him, as Jesus had only just died, and no one was really solid on how to actually do the whole living in Christ thing. He and Peter butted heads over it in Galatians 2.

Both men found themselves in the difficult situation of relearning how to follow the whole new way of life Jesus Christ had laid out for them, and then teaching…

The stuffed animal who ruled my toys was breaking societal norms before it was “cool”.

My very oldest best friend.

If you follow me, you’ve probably picked up some subtle hints that I am from Charleston, South Carolina. This has its joys and pains, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons — just like any other city in the world you could live in. I don’t know which side you’d categorize football in, but it’s another thing we have. Our team is the Panthers, which is how I first learned of this animal’s existence. I was… three? Five? Something.

One of my aunts had just been to a home and had a great time. I have no idea who won, and…

We can’t always choose them, but we can learn how to use them.

My senior year of high school, I got a very pleasant surprise. Apparently, enough of my graduating class knew my name and the attitude attached to it well enough to elect me for a senior superlative. It had never crossed my mind that so many people were that aware of me, though I don’t know why. I’m not exactly quiet, small, or tame.

I still wonder sometimes how enough people thought of me, personally, that I won something. Possibly some of them did so as a cruel…

Having no respect for the end makes you a dangerous individual.

I’ve talked before about my lifelong fixation on the dark, spooky, and generally macabre. There’s an intensity about the looming notion that we’re all going to die that has always matched my own well. Death is coming for us all; so when you broach the subject to children, you can’t mince around it. You have to treat them like thinking human beings with some agency, just as helpless to stop the march of time and fate as any grown person.

I always liked that about death: we might not…

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